System In Which 1024 Equi-spaced Sample Values Of Sin(x) In The Range [0, 2*PI] Need To Be Populated In A COE File. The Values Must Be In The Radix 10, Of Double Datatype (for Sin(x) Library Function) And Range From -1 To 1. Please Follow The Following Steps, In Your Program Ie Use C Functions In Your Program To Do The Following Steps 1. Create And Open A New File Called “samples Coe” Open It In An Appropriate Mode So A New File Is Created For The First Time And The Mode Allows Writing As Well As Reading. 2. Write Two Lines Of Comments At The Top (through The Program) Starting With Semicolons. ; These Are 1024 Sample Values In Range -1 To 1, ; Sine Wave 0 27 3. Write The Next Two Statements To COE File (through The Program) Memory_initialization_radix = 10; Memory_initialization_vector= 4. Generate 1024 Equispaced Sample Values Of Sin(x) And Write Them Into The File, Each Line Ending With A Comma Except The Last One Ending With A Semicolon

You can use the library function in math.h, you will need to include math.h 5. Read all the sample values from the file one by one (you will need to rewind) and find and print the minimum and maximum values among all samples (on terminal). Using the same loop. also calculate and print on the terminal the mean/average value of all the samples. Note – File opening is a type of resource acquisition and may fail. Hence the return value must be checked. If fopen ( fails. it returns NULL. your program may check for the return value to be NULL, and in such a case exit with a suitable message