In Many Christian Circles, The Word Devotional Has Become Synonymous With A Daily Reflection Of

In many Christian circles, the word devotional has become synonymous with a daily reflection of some sort, whether originating in the Scripture or the thoughts of an individual, meant to serve as a spiritual inspiration or motivation to be devoted to the Christian walk each day. For the purposes of this course, it might be better to think of devotion as a theological reflection from part of the course reading materials that will result in an action-oriented response on the part of the student. In other words, in response to the truths regarding God presented in the prescribed reading materials, how should the truth be applied on a personal and functional level? Read Galatians 2:20 The key to evangelism discipleship is that of a personal walk with Christ including the present power of the Holy Spirit. After reading Galatians 2:20, reflect on how Christ living in you might result in your life serving as a daily model of evangelism and discipleship.