For Reading Material (PPIA 480 Week8)

A thicket is a dense growth of vines, weeds, small trees, and other vegetation that are intertwined and difficult to untangle or to move through. While Rosenbaum titles the chapter on toxics, in part, as “The Regulatory Thicket,” the same could be applied to air and water policy. Rosenbaum uses this as a metaphor for the dense network of regulations and policies. When it comes to air quality, water quality and toxic and hazardous waste what does this mean? What are the primary policy elements of the the thicket? What would you say are the key elements creating the thicket?. What has been the effect of the regulatory thicket? To answer this well you need to explain in the second part why the reality you define in the first part exists. Please answer in 500-550 words.